Photo Credit: Whitney Porter

Photo Credit: Whitney Porter


Lauren Shea Little received her MFA from the University of Maryland in 2014. While at the University of Maryland, Little was a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Art, teaching and assisting in drawing, studio and digital fundamentals, and art theory classes as well as a Graduate Fellow at the David C. Driskell Center. In 2014 Little was awarding the David C. Driskell Award for Excellence for an outstanding visual thesis, as well as for excellent teaching ability, and overall service to the Department of Art.

Little graduated from George Mason University with a BA in Art & Visual Technology in 2004. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Baltimore, MD, College Park, MD,  New York, NY, San Juan, Costa Rica, Washington, D.C., and Wilmington, DE

Her current work is based on a process of recording by way of performance. Still engaged in the language of painting, these images are a continuation of Little’s investigation into self-portraiture as pre-linguistic autobiography. Her current area of research is how material embodied practices influence self-formation.

Little currently teaches drawing at the University of Maryland and lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Ben.





Lauren Shea Little
Washington, DC

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